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A student-constructed test learning system: The design, development and evaluation of its pedagogical potential

Fu-Yun Yu & Chia-Ling Su
Although research has found that student-constructed tests (SCT) have some potential for promoting cognitive elaboration, as yet there are no systems available to support the associated activities. This study designed … More

Students’ perspectives of using cooperative learning in a flipped statistics classroom

Liwen Chen, Tung-Liang Chen & Nian-Shing Chen
Statistics has been recognised as one of the most anxiety-provoking subjects to learn in the higher education context. Educators have continuously endeavoured to find ways to integrate digital technologies and … More

Designing and evaluating a professional development programme for basic technology integration in English as a foreign language (EFL) classrooms

Muhammad Ansyari
This study aims to develop and evaluate a professional development programme for technology integration in an Indonesian university’s English language teaching setting. The study explored the characteristics of this programme … More

Students’ perspectives on e-portfolio development and implementation: A case study in Taiwanese higher education

Pei-Hsuan Hsieh, Chun-I Lee & Wei-Fan Chen
This study explores students’ perceptions related to the implementation of e-portfolios in the context of Taiwanese higher education. Thirty Taiwanese university students were interviewed, and data analysis includes 14 interviewees’ … More

Understanding technology acceptance in pre-service teachers of primary mathematics in Hong Kong

Gary Wong
The adoption of educational technology in teaching depends on how well a teacher accepts it. This paper draws on a technology acceptance survey of pre-service primary mathematics teachers in Hong … More

Blending for student engagement: Lessons learned for MOOCs and beyond

Amanda Montgomery, Denyse Hayward, William Dunn, Mike Carbonaro & Carl Amrhein
The purpose of this ongoing, three-year action research study is to explore the digital challenges of student engagement in higher education within the experimental platform of blended learning. Research questions … More

iResilience of science pre-service teachers through digital storytelling

Wan Ng & Howard Nicholas
We live in a multimodal world where communication enabled by digital media supports the expression of ideas, opinions, instructions and experiences in a variety of formats that empower the individual … More

Self-emergent peer support using online social networking during cross-border transition

Feng Ding & Paul Stapleton
Transitioning from school to university is a major development for learners, often accompanied by difficulties. When overseas students arrive at university for the first time these challenges are multiplied. It … More