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Exploring the use of ICTs in learning and disseminating livestock husbandry knowledge to urban and peri-urban communities in Tanzania

Consolata Angello
This paper discusses the importance of various Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in learning and disseminating relevant information on livestock husbandry in Tanzania. The paper is part of a study … More

A narrative approach to studying the diversification of inquiry learning across instructional settings

Nico Rutten, Wouter van Joolingen, Gerdi Haverkamp-Hermans, Franz Bogner, Thomas Kretschmer, Christian Stracke, Petros Lameras, Augusto Chioccariello, Rosa Doran, Rdiger Tiemann, Timotheos Kastrinogiannis, Jasminka Maravic, Yvonne Crotty, Claire Kelly, Vassiliki Markaki, Angelos Lazoudis, Jani Koivula & Dimitris Polymatidis
In this study we followed a narrative approach to investigate the function that digital, interactive tools can fulfill in inquiry teaching and learning. Such a narrative can be conceived as … More

Uncovering reading habits of university students in Uganda: Does ICT matter?

Samali Mlay, Humphrey Sabi, Clive Tsuma & Kehbuma Langmia
This paper investigates how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can improve reading habits among university students. We also investigated the influence of home culture, school culture and disposable income on … More

Poem Generator: A comparative quantitative evaluation of a microworlds-based learning approach for teaching English

Craig Jenkins
This paper is a comparative quantitative evaluation of an approach to teaching poetry in English that employs a ‘guided discovery’ pedagogy using computer-based microworlds. It uses an experimental design in … More

Interactive-GIS-Tutor (IGIST) integration: Creating a digital space gateway within a textbook-bound South African Geography class

Elfrieda Fleischmann, Christo Van der Westhuizen & Dirk Cilliers
Currently there is a global drive among political and educational institutions to implement geographic information system (GIS) practice in secondary schools. However, Geography teachers worldwide, including in South Africa, face … More

Teaching faculty’s perception about implementing elearning practices at the University of Guyana

Kerwin Livingstone
In this modern era, the traditional approach to learning and teaching, which may engage students, does not lend itself to diversity. Since this approach is viewed as a barrier to … More

When going hybrid is not enough: Statistical analysis of effectiveness of blended courses piloted within Tempus BLATT Project

Aleksandar Jovanovic, Anita Jankovic, Snezana Markovic Jovanovic, Vladan Peric, Biljana Vitosevic & Milos Pavlovic
The paper describes the delivery of the courses in the framework of the project implementation and presents the effect the change in the methodology had on student performance as measured … More

Promoting teaching and learning in Ghanaian Basic Schools through ICT

James Natia & Seidu Al-hassan
The Basic School Computerization policy was created in 2011 to introduce computers and e-learning into the entire educational system to promote training and life-long learning. Using data obtained by Connect … More

Barriers and strategies on adoption of e-learning in Tanzanian higher learning institutions: Lessons for adopters

Dalton Kisanga & Gren Ireson
Tanzanian Higher learning institutions (HLIs) are faced with challenges of adopting e-learning in education. This study involved experts in e-learning to examine barriers of adopting e-learning and the best strategies … More

Learning Management System success: Increasing Learning Management System usage in higher education in sub-Saharan Africa

Joel Mtebe
Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been widely adopted by higher education institutions globally for over a decade. Institutions in sub-Saharan Africa now spend a significant proportion of their limited resources … More

Administration’s perception about the feasibility of elearning practices at the University of Guyana

Kerwin Livingstone
Since the genesis of technology, some decades ago, the use of information and communication technologies in educational practices has been steadily increasing. In educational institutions, some form of elearning has … More

Evaluation of elearning usage in South African universities: A critical review

Emily Bagarukayo & Billy Kalema
Although eLearning is the use of technology for teaching, learning and assessment, there is no common approach to it across South African Higher Education Institutions. There is therefore a concern … More

Teachers’ ICT usage in second-cycle institutions in Ghana: A qualitative study

Charles Buabeng-Andoh & Issifu Yidana
The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers’ use of ICT and the factors that affect their ICT use in secondary schools in Ghana. A focus group interview was … More