LearnTechLib adds multilingual support

In the past few months we’ve added a few journals who publish in a language other than English or publish articles in multiple languages. These include: Italian Journal of Educational Technology – Italian & English Preschool and Primary Education – Greek & English Journal of Applied Research and Technology – Spanish & English Alteridad – […]

Education, Learning, and Technology: EdITLib and the name change to LearnTechLib

The use of technology in learning and education has been rapidly evolving. More and more learning is taking place outside of traditional educational environments. Flipped classrooms are an increasingly popular way for teachers to engage their students in the learning process. Online education has matured and gained widespread acceptance, and now new open learning courses — both […]

Themes in Science and Technology Education journal added to EdITLib

We are pleased to announce another addition to our partner journals: Themes in Science and Technology Education (THESTE). The focus of the journal is “science education, environmental education, computer science education, ICT in education and e-learning”. This is our first partner journal published in Greece. The main editors of THESTE are: Athanassios Jimoyiannis, Department of Social […]

EdITLib website redesigned

This past Friday EdITLib switched to a new version of the website that is intended to better serve today’s researchers, students, teachers, and libraries. The primary goal of the redesign has been to make a website that is usable and responsive on nearly any device – desktop, tablet, or phone — and that responds more […]